On mesh and big tits

I’m a very curvy girl in SL.  I’m a very curvy girl in RL too.  One of the things I have always enjoyed about SL is that I can buy largely anything I’d like to, and if the designer has done their job right, I can make it fit, big chest and all.  In RL, sometimes even my tailor is confounded and can’t alter a garment to fit.  But in SL, that has rarely been a problem.

Until now.  Mesh clothing has come to SL, and I love it.  I can’t wear any of it though.  Why?  Designers apparently have no desire to design for the curvy girl.  In SL, as RL, apparently if you have boobs, nobody wants you to wear their clothes.

Yes, I know the deformer is coming.  But with rigging, I will still likely only be able to wear some things.  Hair is a perfect example.  I have been to both Wasabi Pills and Truth….Truth Hawkes has combined mesh and flexi prims to make hair that is really wonderful.  I can’t wear it though.  Rigging is done so the mesh will move with your body….unless of course your body protrudes in front.  I have run across this problem with every mesh hair I have tried.  Goes right through my chest. No bones to rig to in breasts apparently.

I don’t want to hear “just change your shape”.  NO.  I have made small changes to fit boots or some regular prim clothing, and this is a reasonable thing to do… but I won’t make a major change just to accommodate fashion. And I shouldn’t have to!  I like the way I look.

So this is a post to plead with designers. Please please please, try to think beyond the small tit box. Please.  I’m begging.  Most of you already have an XS, S, M, L and XL in the box.  Make a curvy that’s REALLY curvy.  C cups are not curvy!  Try a DD.  Or bigger!  The designers who do this will end up with the lion’s share of business in SL.  I have 100 hairs in my inventory. I have 30k items, and I don’t build.  Think about that.  I have money to spend, and I’d love to spend it on mesh clothing and accessories.  Let me throw my money at you!

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